Books for Dog Lovers

books for dog loversWho doesn’t love a good “tail” about a dog?  Are you a dog lover? Folks who love to read will find themselves drooling over this blog as there are no shortages when it comes to wonderful books to read about our loving four legged friends!  I have scoured the web to come up a handful of books especially for you! I suggest you dog lovers sink your teeth into these great books!  Some will make you laugh, some will make you cry.  These books for dog lovers will also make you love your dog all the more!  So, pick a book, cozy down with your furry friend and enjoy!

List of books for dog lovers 

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Pet Allergies, signs and treatments

pet allergies Fort Lauderdale Pet SitterDoes your dog or cat have pet allergies? Do they sneeze, sniffle, or scratch his ears more than enough to make you go “hmmm”.   Your pet may have allergies.  Just like us humans, pets can suffer horribly from different types of allergies.  As a pet parent, your first line of defense against allergies is being able to identify that your pet does, in fact, have allergies.  Recognizing the signs and symptoms can help prevent your pet from prolonged suffering. [Read more…]

Daily Dog Walkers & Pet Sitters Partners with The Edge

Pet Sitter Fort Lauderdale The EdgeAre you and your pet looking for a luxurious, upscale apartment home in Fort Lauderdale?  Well, look no further!  The Edge at Flager Village is a brand new 331 unit apartment complex is scheduled to open in the summer of 2014.  That’s just around the corner!  Keep reading to find out how this community will captivate and pamper you and your pooch!

The Edge at Flagler Village

Upscale, Cool, Relaxed… home in a pet friendly environment

The philosophy of this upscale community is to offer the best service to EVERY single resident and their best fur pals!  You and your pet will reside in the lap of luxury in the heart of downtown Fort Lauderdale.  Situated right on the corner of NE 5th street and Federal Highway, you will be in close proximity to the best of everything!  Just a short five blocks north of the acclaimed historic Las Olas Boulevard, you will be immersed in the finest of lifestyles!  Fine dining, high-end boutique shopping, and events for the most discerning pet parents!!  The Edge Social program will keep you in the know in regards to all of the happenings in Fort Lauderdale – from shows, dining, and nightlife!  If innovative, upscale chic, and tech savvy is what you’re all about then The Edge at Flagler Village in Fort Lauderdale is exactly what you and your pet need!

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