Separation anxiety or Boredom? Defining the Difference

Separation anxiety - martyAre you coming home to find your pup has gone haywire in your home?  Has your dog started to display destructive behavior?  This could be a sign that he is experiencing separation anxiety.

Signs of separation anxiety:

When you are preparing to leave, does your pup start to pace?  While you are away does your dog howl or bark non-stop?  Does your pup use the restroom in doors while you are at work?  And do you come home to find things chewed up, and other forms of destruction all around your home? Many dogs will also try to escape when they experience separation anxiety too.    This can be very dangerous as a dog with extreme separation anxiety can hurt himself pretty badly.   For example, he can bust his teeth, rip nails out of his paws by clawing away at the door or even jump through a window, which can be deadly.

Separation anxiety – when it’s not:

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