Do you speak fluent dog?

Speaking Fluent DogYou love your dog, and it seems sometimes you can read each other’s minds but can you speak fluent dog? Spot wags his tail when he’s happy; gives you that cute smile when he’s showing off, and rolls over to ask for a nice belly rub. He comes when he’s called, sits for treats, and knows when it’s bedtime and he needs to head for the crate, or if he’s really lucky, jump on your bed for a night of snoozing.

In fact, you know each other so well that you don’t even have to think about his actions or reactions. You’re just perfect for each other. Fluent Dog.

However, when you and Spot are out taking a stroll, and meet up with another dog walking her human, or perhaps a dog running loose, either supervised or not, do you know how to read their dog language? The following are some tips to help you understand the situation you and Spot may be in when you come face to face with another dog.

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