Thanksgiving Pet Safety Tips

Pet sitter fort lauderdale Thanksgiving pet safety tipsThanksgiving is here! This time of year spirits are high and food is aplenty. We will soon be consuming (all day and night) yummy, home baked and store bought goodness! It is a time to be thankful for all we have, family and friends and this list of gratitude must include our loving little fur -babies.  By following these simple Thanksgiving pet safety tips we can show our gratitude to our pets.

Here are a few Thanksgiving pet safety tips to get you started:

Food, food and more food! This time of year with all the food to be found we need to ensure it doesn’t make it into our pet’s mouth. Dogs have highly sensitive tummies and the high fat found in most of our holiday human goodies can cause some damage. Pancreatitis is one of the most common illnesses your dog will experience if they are fed table food. Their little pancreas will become inflamed causing all sorts of discomfort. High fat foods kick the pancreas into overdrive, releasing enzyme overload. Signs and symptoms range from loss of appetite, diarrhea and even depression. No table scrap is worth jeopardizing your dog’s health.

No Bones About it! Bones really are a no-no for your pet. Turkey bones, especially. They can splinter and break, getting lodged into your pet’s throat and tummy. Additionally salmonella can often be found in the center of the bone if not along it.  After you cook your turkey, the internal temperature may not have reached the degrees needed to kill this harmful bacterium.  By feeding the bones to your best fur-pal it only increases the chances of passing it along to them.

Traffic and Gridlock.
This time of year your home will be filled with family and visitors. Your pet may not appreciate the noise and chaos as much as you. Create a cozy quiet zone for all of your pets. Let them get adjusted to it before guests arrive.  Start now by allowing your pets to spend time in their safety zone.  Your pet will be confused if you wait until the day of the festivities to confine him to the safety zone and that confusion may result in your dog acting out.   When the noise starts up your pet will have a safe place to head off to.  By providing your pet with a safety zone, you are also decreasing the chances that a well intentioned guest will pass along table scraps to your pet.

So as you plan your Thanksgiving Day guest list, menu, and seat arrangements – don’t forget to put in a place a few thanksgiving pet safety tips to keep your beloved pet safe. You don’t want this holiday to be remembered by a trip to the emergency vet, or worse.

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