The scoop on the cat litter box

Fort Lauerdale Cat Sitter breeze cat litter box

Breeze Cat Litter Box

I admit it I am a cat lover but I am not a big fan of the litter box. Currently I have three of them, all male Russian Blue’s. Simon is 9, Calvin is 3 and Henry is 1. After getting the third the litter box situation got a bit out of control. I tried setting up two but of course they all wanted to use the same one. So here is the scoop on cat litter box.

Having tried every product and every brand on the market from scoop able scented to scoop able non scented. I have tried crystals, clumping, brand name products, generic products, automatic litter box systems, deep pans, shallow pans, covered pans…I think you get the idea. And I bet most of you cat owner have been down the same road.

The tracking is horrible, the clumping is hard to clean and very dusty. Some are so scented they make me sneeze and it is in my nasal passages for hours.

After getting my third cat I knew something had to give with the cat litter box and then it happened.

I received a call inquiring about caring for two cats certainly nothing unusual about that. We spoke on the phone and made arrangements for a meet and greet. I arrived at the client’s home and we started going over what needed to be done. And then she took me to the cat litter box!

So here is the scoop on the cat litter box! 

There it was the answer to my problem. She proudly pointed the cat litter box. It was the Breeze system from Tidy Cat. She too had the same dilemma and in her searching she found the perfect cat litter box.

The Breeze cat litter box is great. It uses clay pellets which neutralize the smell of urine. The pellets go on top of a grate and there is a drawer under the grate which houses a pee pad. The Breeze cat litter box is so simple yet genius.

With three cats I have found that I need to change the pee pad about every three days. And the pellets need to be scooped daily. But that is pretty much standard cat litter box maintenance.

There is a transition guide on the box but I just replaced the Breeze cat litter box with my previous cat litter box and all three cats took to it immediately.

If you are tired of tracking, scooping clumped litter and having your house smell like a cat litter box then I would highly recommend looking into the Breeze System by Tidy Cat.

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