Tips for introducing two dogs

Fort Lauderdale Pet Sitter discusses the top 5 tips for introducing two dogs

Tips for introducing two dogs Sasha & BentlyAre you thinking about bringing another dog into the family? Or perhaps a friend is stopping over and bringing their dog with them. Let’s talk about some tips for introducing two dogs to each other.

Neutral territory – It is best to introduce the dogs in neutral territory, not in your home or yard. Try a park or a dog friendly place in your neighborhood.

Keep it friendly and calm – A relaxed atmosphere is always best. Let them sniff and play a bit. Keep them on a leash in the event that they need to be pulled apart.

Pay attention to behavior – Make sure you don’t see any signs of aggression such as raised fur on their neck or back or excessive growling.

Pay attention to their tails – A wagging tail is not a clear indication that dogs are happy to see each other. A tail that is held straight up and wags stiffly can be a sign of dominance or aggression. A dog will tuck its tail between its legs if they are nervous or afraid.

Take them for a walk – If all is going well the take them for a walk together. It will give them a chance to interact with each other in a neutral environment.

When dogs finally do meet off leash it is natural for one dog to fight for dominance or become the alpha dog. At first this may look a little scary, try and stay calm. There may be some wrestling or nipping at the neck. Once the alpha dog establishes themselves as dominant this process will more than likely not repeat itself.

If the new dog is to become a permanent resident it is always best to acknowledge the alpha or dominant dog first. The alpha dog should be fed and greeted first. It is wise to start off by feeding them separately and refrain from chew toys until you are certain the dogs are friends.

So there they are, the top tips for introducing two dogs. Keep in mind that adding another dog into the household is a big responsibility and there are many cost associated. If you are thinking about adopting please visit the Broward County Humane Society.

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