Top 10 low shedding dog breeds

Fort Lauderdale Pet Sitter gives you the Top 10 low shedding dog breeds

There are several low shedding dog breeds. Besides shedding very little if at all, these dogs do not salivate much like other breeds, therefore they do not leave bacteria and dead skin behind on their coats after cleaning themselves. Allergies prohibit many people from owning a dog but there is hope for those who would love to be a dog owner.

Schnauzer:  Is a low-shedding breed of dog with short hair; they will need regular grooming appointments to maintain their distinguished look. Because the Schnauzer comes in three different sizes, Giant, Standard and Miniature, there is usually one size, which will please any potential owner.

Kerry Blue Terrier: is related to the Australian Terrier, although it is much larger. This breed does not shed their soft curly coat; therefore they need to be brushed often, with a firm bristle brush to keep their coat from matting.

Australian Terrier: was once used on a farm to keep vermin away from the house and barns, now they are a much sought after family pet. Not only do they have a very pleasant disposition, they will not shed their beautiful long hair as well.

Wheaten Terriers: come in four varieties, Traditional Irish, Heavy Irish, American and English, the difference in the four, is their size. This breed does not shed; therefore they need regular grooming with a firm bristle brush, to keep their soft coat from matting, which may cause skin irritations, such as rashes.

Chinese Crested: comes in two different varieties, the first is hairless except for the long hair growing on their head, paws and tail. The second called the powder puff, has long human like hair, both varieties are low shedding and may be groomed by a professional or at home, if the owner knows what they are doing.

American Hairless Terrier: this breed is not truly hairless; they have a very short coat, which does not require grooming. The breed was accidently discovered in 1972, they have been a recognized breed ever since. This breed is a small husky type dog, which is very friendly and low-shedding. They are great companions for owners, which live in apartments and have allergies.

Mexican Hairless: this breed comes in a verity of sizes, they are hard to find, due to the fact there are very few breeders in the US and other countries. They are low-shedders, their coat is very soft and short, requiring very little grooming.

Peruvian Hairless:  has a mind of their own, this medium sized dog needs an owner that is clearly the pack- leader, they are intelligent and learn quickly, but can be stubborn. They are truly hairless, therefore a great companion for those who suffer from allergies.

Poodles: have been very popular over the years, due to the fact they are low-shedders and have loving, playful personalities, they make wonderful companions to both adults and children. This breed is also a low-shedder, which needs to be groomed professionally.

Bichon Frise: one of the most widely sought after breeds for allergy suffers. Their double coat minimizes the amount of dander they shed, which reduces allergic reactions.

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