Top Dog Toys of 2013

top dog toysAre you looking for dog toys that will keep your pet engaged and playing, and will hold up to a lot of chasing and some chewing? While no pet toy is totally indestructible given the right pair of jaws or the tenacity of the pooch in question, here are some that were popular for 2013 as noted by Pet Product Advisor.

Top dog toys:

1. The Talking Babble Ball. This toy is a motion-activated ball that makes over twenty different sounds and will even say phrases such as “hey, what are you doing?” This is a battery-operated toy and great for visually impaired dogs. It comes in large and small sizes. Reviews were mostly positive for this toy, with people noting that their dogs loved batting it around, and that it seemed to hold up well against teeth. Several said it was very easy for the ball to roll under furniture, resulting in a very frustrated dog (and owner) and they wished it came in a larger size.

2. The Doggie Bag. This toy is a motion activated burlap bag that jumps and wiggles when your dog goes near it. The doggie bag is great for any size dog. It seemed to entertain many of the reviewer’s canines, although some said their pets were able to chew through the burlap and remove the toy inside. Top dog toys. 

4. Zany Ball Zig Zagger. Here’s another motion-activated zig-zagging toy that should keep your canine moving for a bit. Most reviewers wrote that their dogs kept busy chasing it around and had a lot of fun. Some said this ball wasn’t suitable for extreme chewers, and the battery might wear out before the dog does. However, it’s big enough so that it won’t roll under your sofa.

5. The Invincible Blue Gecko. This is a great toy for dogs who love squeakers – there are four in the toy. Even if they are punctured by fangs, they continue to squeak, which will hopefully help them last longer. Reviewers with dogs who just love to chew and hear accompanying noises were impressed with the way these kept their canine’s attention throughout. This was a very sturdy toy, and many people were impressed at how well it held up despite voracious chewing. However, several reviewer with dogs who were above average squeaker-removers noted that disabling this toy could take as little as thirty minutes. We suggest you use this for dogs who love to play but don’t need to tear their toys apart.

6. X-Tire Animal Sounds Ball. This moving ball plays twenty animal sounds, and keeps your pet grabbing and chasing. Reviewers were impressed with how sturdy it was, and how it lured their dogs into play, as it is motion activated. The ball is big enough to keep it from sliding under furniture. 

It’s a good idea to always supervise your pet when he is playing with any new toy, especially if you have a strong chewer with a deep “tear-it-apart” instinct. The best thing for dogs who won’t give up trying to tear their toy to pieces, is a good old-fashioned Kong stuffed with kibble and peanut butter.

We thought the top dog toys mentioned here all seemed entertaining and fun. We hope this article might give you a few ideas for some different playtime options for you and your dog. Enjoy!

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