Top puppy items needed

Ft. Lauderdale Pet Sitter on the top puppy items Puppies need supplies so let’s discuss the top puppy items needed before you bring your new four legged puppy. Keep in mind that adding another member to the family is a big investment in both time and money.

Top puppy items needed:

Top puppy items #1 Food: Choosing the right food for your puppy can be confusing with having so many brands on the shelves.

Start by checking with the current care taker and see what they are feeding the puppy. You don’t want to have them go through a sudden food change. It can cause an upset stomach.

Before switching also check with your veterinarian. Each dog’s nutritional needs are different based on the breed, condition of their health, their size and age.

Be sure to read my blog on choosing the best dog food.

Top puppy items #2 Bowls: Your puppy’s food and water bowls should be spill proof and easy to clean. I like stainless steel bowls with a rubber bottom.

Top puppy items #3 Collar: Choose a collar made of durable material. A leather or nylon collar is recommended. When adjusting a collar you should be able to slip two fingers under the collar. You don’t want the collar to be too tight or too loose. A harness is recommended for walking as young pups have a tendency to pull.  Read my blog on choosing the best collar.

Top puppy items #4 Leash: A 6’ nylon leash is recommended. Retractable leashes do not give you enough control, especially for a puppy. Read my blog on choosing the best leash.

Top puppy items #5 Crate: There are many benefits to crate training your puppy. It can aid in house breaking your puppy and it can help with reducing anxiety. Many puppies will think of their crate as a safe haven.

Choose a crate that will allow good visibility. An all wire crate is recommended. Your puppy should be able to stand and lie down comfortably in the crate.

Top puppy items #6 Dog Bed: One of the most important things to look for when choosing a bed is to find one with a removable cover that is machine washable. Also make sure there is not anything attached to the dog bed that can be chewed or swallowed.

Top puppy items #7 Toys: Avoid toys that can be easily torn apart and ingested. Also stay away from toys that have small parts that can be bitten off like bows or buttons.

Be sure to check out the dog breed selector so that you can choose the puppy that will be the be the best fit for your family and lifestyle.

That is my list of the top puppy items needed. Please feel free to comment and add your top puppy items to the list.

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