Traveling With Pets

traveling with pets

Traveling with pets can be fun and with summer finally here, many of us will be thinking about taking an annual vacation and with one British report indicating that a third of pet owners now choose to take their animals away with them, it seems many dogs may be set to jet off too.

For some people, traveling with pets is a necessity as they need them for medical purposes. Others simply can’t bear the thought of leaving them behind and are willing to pay handsomely for the costs incurred by bringing them along. Many owners think they are giving their pet an enjoyable experience by taking them on vacation and while the sentiment is well meaning, for the animals themselves the reality of travelling can be much different. Dogs in particular are sensitive to any change in their environment and so certain considerations should be made prior to travelling to ensure that their health, safety and well being are not likely to be compromised in any way.

Tips for Traveling with Pets:


Before you travel with pets it’s advisable to visit your vet for a general check up just to check that there are no underlying health issues that might rear their head while you’re away. This is also a good opportunity to chat to your vet about any necessary vaccinations or certificates that could be required when travelling abroad. If your dog isn’t already microchipped then now would be a perfect time to get that done – nothing would be worse than losing them in an unfamiliar place and having no means of tracking them down. And of course taking out a good pet insurance policy is always advisable – check the small print for any clauses surrounding travelling.


Think carefully about the type of holiday you’re planning and whether or not it is pet friendly. On an immediate level you’ll need to check whether animals are permitted in your accommodation at all, but considering the nature of the trip is also important. Walking around a crowded city on a leash all day will not be fun for your dog. A more appropriate alternative would be camping or a beach break where there is plenty of room for them to run around.


Thinking about your chosen mode of transport is also important. When traveling with pets driving is usually the easiest option but even this poses some risks. Dogs that are not secured can easily roam in the car causing a distraction to the driver and there have even been cases where smaller animals have got stuck under the foot pedals. Securing them in a crate or carrier is essential for their safety as well as yours. For those wanting to travel further afield, most airlines will carry pets in the hold but this in itself can be a very stressful experience for dogs who may be distressed by the alternating temperature, loud noises and confinement of an aircraft hold. Certain breeds may also not be permitted to fly due to their temperament or physical attributes – for example short nosed, flat faced breeds such as pugs have shorter nasal passages and struggle to cope with the change in air pressure.


Dogs are susceptible to the same risks as humans on holiday. Too much time in direct sunlight can lead to sunburn and heatstroke so keep them hydrated and allow them access to the shade. Short haired dogs are particularly susceptible to sunburn so it might be a good idea to invest in some doggy sunblock for them. Be wary of the sand and sea – running on sand is more physically demanding than on regular terrain and a dog can easily become exhausted. Dogs also have a habit of drinking sea water which can make them very ill. Remember to rinse them down after a trip to the beach so that sand and salt water don’t matt their fur or irritate their skin.

Alternative arrangements

If, after consideration, you feel like the trip you have planned might not be suitable for your dog then don’t feel bad – there are a number of luxury dog hotels across the country where your pooch can live in the lap of luxury while you’re away. From Ruffners in Illinois to The Pooch Hotel in California, several of these five star hotels exist purely to pamper your pet. With doggy day care services, luxury suites, grooming salons and widescreen TV’s your dog might not want to come home! Many also offer webcam services so that you can check in with your dog during your holiday.

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