Why Dogs Beg

why dogs begDid you ever wonder why dogs beg? Does your dog beg for food? Does he whine while you’re eating, tap you with his paw or just stare at you all wide-eyed and deprived looking? If so, you’re in not so good company! Begging is one of the most complained about, yet preventable, dog behaviors out there yet, as humans, we really struggle with controlling our furry little beggars.  So why are we having such a hard time?

4 Reasons Why Dog Beg for Food:

  1. We feed our dogs table scraps. Guilty as charged, right?  Don’t feed your dog from the table. EVER. Even if you don’t feed your dog scraps directly FROM the table, your dog will beg in anticipation of being on the receiving end of something tasty after the meal is over. If you simply MUST feed your dog table scraps, keep it to the bare minimum and give him the scraps long after your family has eaten their dinner and cleared the table.
  2. We positively reward begging. I know you’re denying it but you can only fool yourself for so long.  Knowingly or unknowingly, we reward our dogs for begging by giving them our attention.  If you acknowledge your dog in any way as he is begging, he WILL continue.  Your attention is a reward and further encourages your dog’s bad manners.  Caesar Milan says “No touch, no talk, and no eye contact.” Have you tried it yet?
  3. We’re inconsistent. Sure you try – for a day, a few days or maybe a week but you give in too soon!  Your dog basically beats you down until you give in. Whether it be guilt, frustration or incessant whining, many of us simply give in.  After all, it takes 20 days for a behavior to become a habit.  You may have to suffer through quite a few not so very enjoyable dinners but, before you know it, your dog WILL realize that begging just won’t pay off anymore!
  4. We don’t feed our dogs the right food at the right time. If you are feeding your dog a low-grade, grain based kibble diet that might be part of the equation here. Cheap kibble will not satiate your dog and he’ll always seem ravenous.  A high quality diet will keep your dog full for longer periods of time. Also, you should really consider feeding your dog BEFORE your family eats.  He will be less hungry if eats before you do and will be less likely to beg.  Have you ever gone to the grocery store hungry?    I rest my case.

If you are willing to change how you interact with your dog during mealtimes, you will be on the road to a happier, more peaceful relationship with your dog.  Stop your furry little beggar right in his tracks! It’s never too late to establish good behaviors. Don’t give in!

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