Top Ways Your Pet Keeps you Healthy

top ways your dog keeps you healthyDo you think your pet keeps you healthy? Have you noticed how good you feel after hanging out with your pet? Well it has been proven, many times over, that owning a pet can aide in good health for everyone in the family!

Let’s discuss ways your pet keeps you healthy

Have high blood pressure?

Studies show owning a pet is the perfect prescription! Owning a pet is a stress reliever.  By petting your dog or cat or whatever pet you may have, your body releases a relaxation hormone. This simple action also reduces a stress or hormone within your body. So see, you can’t help but feel relaxed.  And you’re not the only one who benefits from this time together. Your pet is also relaxing.  Therefore, your pet keeps you healthy by relieving stress! It’s a win win situation.

Do you feel sad or lonely?

Your pet keeps you healthy by just being there for you. Additionally your mood is uplifted when you have a pet around.  I mean think about this for a moment. You come home after a really tough day at the office. Who is sitting there waiting for you all smiles and acting as if you’ve been gone for days!  Your dog or cat!  How can you not feel loved or joy.  There are actual studies by the VA hospital with elder folks who were experiencing loneliness.  They were teamed up with a pet and that loneliness went away.  Having someone to come home to, to hang out with and loves you unconditionally is amazing for your mood and your over-all mental health.

Concerned about your child’s health?

Having a pet is also a wonderful idea for young children. It has been shown that when you bring a pet into the house with a young child, they are less likely to develop allergies as they grow older. It boosts up their immune system so your child will be able to fight off and combat common colds more easily.

Don’t get out much?

Walking and exercise is another healthy benefit from owning a pet. Dog owners walk much more often the non-dog owners. You get out and play, walk or run, and maybe toss the ball or Frisbee to your dog. Getting out and moving is good for your heart as well as your mood and body.

So think of all of the health benefits of having a pet in your life and the other ways that your pet keeps you healthy.  Stress, high blood pressure, obesity, and loneliness all contribute to cardiovascular issues.  Considering a pet?  It might just save your life! Pets are work but they give back in more ways than we commonly think! Have a bad day? Grab the leash and take a walk!

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