Tailored Pet Care in the Serene Lake Ridge, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Offering Comprehensive Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Services for Your Furry Friends.

Diverse Pet Care Services Tailored to Your Needs

At Daily Dog Walkers & Pet Sitters, we are committed to providing a wide array of pet care services in Fort Lauderdale and Cleveland, designed to meet the unique needs of your beloved pets. Whether you require pet sitting during your vacation, daily dog walking while you work, or special overnight care, we’ve got you covered. Our services include midday walks, playtime, feeding, litter box maintenance, and much more. We also specialize in administering medication and injections as needed, ensuring your pet’s health and happiness. Our flexible scheduling allows us to visit your home multiple times a day or stay overnight, adapting to your pet’s routine and providing them with consistent, loving care. With us, you can rest assured that your pets are in safe, caring hands, receiving the same affection and attention they get from you.

Complimentary Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Services included with all Visits!

At Daily Dog Walkers & Pet Sitters of Fort Lauderdale & West Palm Beach we offer a variety of services including pet sitting, cage free dog boarding and dog walking services. Our pet care also includes mid day walks, plenty of playtime and exercise, feeding, poop scoop, litter box change, cuddling, pampering, a lot of care and love! We offer “away from home” special care services as needed including; administration of medication, injections and/or subcutaneous shots/fluids.

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Services Meet & Greet

Schedule a complimentary meet & greet and let’s get acquainted. This will give you an opportunity to learn about our pet sitting and dog walking services. This will allow us the opportunity to customize a plan to fit you and your pets’ needs.

Daily Dog Walking

Exploring Lake Ridge's Charm


Our Daily Dog Walking service in Lake Ridge offers more than just a walk; it’s an exploration of this quaint neighborhood. We ensure each walk is a delightful adventure for your dog, filled with stimulation and care. Our professional dog walkers understand the importance of exercise and social interaction for your furry friend. Tailored to your dog’s pace and preference, we explore Lake Ridge’s scenic beauty, offering an enjoyable break in their day. This service is perfect for busy pet owners, providing peace of mind that their canine companion is experiencing the best part of their day.

Pet Sitting Day Visits

Homely Comforts in Lake Ridge

In Lake Ridge, our Pet Sitting Day Visits cater to the comfort and needs of your pets in their own home. Each visit is filled with affectionate care, playtime, and the necessary upkeep. Our professional sitters ensure your pet’s routine is maintained, offering personalized attention and interaction. These visits are ideal for pets who thrive in their familiar environment, reducing stress and promoting well-being. Our comprehensive service includes feeding, medication administration, and light housekeeping tasks. Choose our day visits for a reliable and loving presence in your home, ensuring your pets are happy and well-cared for.

Overnight House/Pet Sitting

Night-Time Assurance in Lake Ridge


Our Overnight House/Pet Sitting service in Lake Ridge provides your pets with constant companionship and care throughout the night. Ideal for pets that require extra attention or suffer from separation anxiety, this service ensures they are not alone. Our sitters maintain your pet’s night routine, offering comfort and security in your absence. With us, your home remains active and monitored, adding an extra layer of security. This service includes evening and morning walks, feeding, and affectionate interaction. Trust our professional sitters to care for your pets and home with the utmost respect and dedication.

Private Cage-Free Dog Boarding

Freedom and Fun in Lake Ridge


Our Private Cage-Free Dog Boarding in Lake Ridge is a haven for dogs, offering a relaxed and social environment away from the confines of cages. Each dog is treated as a part of our family, receiving individual attention and care. Our boarding facility is designed to provide comfort and fun, ensuring your dog’s stay is enjoyable and stress-free. With ample playtime, social interactions, and professional supervision, your dog enjoys a fulfilling boarding experience. This service is ideal for pet owners seeking a trustworthy and loving place for their dogs when they can’t be there themselves.

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