Halloween Dog Tips

Halloween dog tips4 Last Minute Halloween Dog Tips

Nobody likes to left out of the Tricks and Treats associated with Halloween; not even your dog!  Well, we’re here to let you know that you can get your Halloween on and bring Fido along, too!  However, you should adhere to a few safety measures to make sure that the night is fun for all involved.

  1. Know your dog. You might be thinking, “ummmm what?” Keep in mind how your dog most commonly reacts to unusual sights, sounds and pretty much just general unfamiliarity.  If he doesn’t appreciate a disturbance in his routine or any other change of pace for that matter, you might want to leave him home. It must also be noted that dogs will act out of character during times of stress.  A fearful dog can become a danger to himself and other people.  It only takes a moment for a fearful animal to bite a small child. Additionally, if you bring your dog out with you and he displays any signs of distress or anxiety, take him home.  Undue stress may result in health issues, a lost dog or even worse.

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Choosing the Best Pet Sitter

best pet sitterChoosing the BEST Pet Sitter for your End of Summer Vacation

Planning a summer vacation is loads of fun! Well, planning the getaway part is, anyway.  If you’re a pet parent, planning the particulars of who is going to watch your fur babies while you’re away tends to be the MOST stressful part.  In fact, some people actually opt not to vacation as often as they’d like to just because of the stress that comes with worrying about who will care for their pets in their absence.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  With a little planning and research, you can be on your way to that summer vacation you’ve been dreaming of all year. 

Choosing the best pet sitter just got easier! 

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Summer Beach Reads for Dog Lovers Everywhere

Summer beach readsSummer is in full swing!  If you love relaxing on the beach with a cold beverage and a good book in hand, it’s quite possible that you’re always on the hunt for another great summer beach read. If you’re reading this, you probably love your dog, too! So, we’ve come up with a few great beach reads specifically designed with you in mind. 

3 Summer Beach Reads – check them out! 

One Good Dog
by Susan Wilson

Adam March is blinded by his desire to succeed until he makes a mistake one day that will change the course of everything he has ever lived for and dreamed of.  Adam loses it all but becomes saved by a rescue dog that has experienced the horrors of being a fighting dog.  This is a story of friendship, loss and starting over.  [Read more…]

4th of July

4th of July4th of July is as American as apple pie; am I right? We all love celebrating our Nation’s Independence. After all, the founding of this country set the pace and tone, good and bad, for the America that we know today.  However, as we prepare to bring our friends and family together for a day of good times, good food and even better fireworks, we often times forget to prepare for our most beloved companions, our dogs.  So where do you begin?

Start by assessing whether or not your dog will be traumatized by any events of the day.  Is your dog sensitive to the sights and sounds relative to the 4th of July? Does he frighten easily? Does your dog get anxiety if you leave him alone while you are out celebrating? Does your dog stress out when you have a house full of guests?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, you have some preparing to do!

4th of July products that may bring some relief to your dog.

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Take Your Dog to Work Day

take your dog to work dayTake your dog to work day is Friday June, 23rd. We all love our dogs; that’s a given. On the other hand- let’s face it, you probably don’t love going to work nearly as much. Why not simply combine the two?

To celebrate our beloved furry companions and promote adoptions, Pet Sitters International created Take Your Dog to Work Day!

  • Support local pet communities
  • Experience the joys of pets in the workplace
  • Help pets in need
  • Promote pet adoptions


Take Your Dog to Work Day: Friday, June 23!

Don’t Overlook the Shelter Pets

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Disabled Pet Day

disabled pet dayDisabled Pet Day, or now known as Specially-Abled Pet Day is approaching. Mark your calendars and set a reminder on your phones for May the 3rd, as this day celebrates the National Specially-Abled Pets Day! Founder Colleen Paige originally started this international holiday under the name of National Disabled Pets Day, but has since been updated to reflect the most accurate description of these amazing pets.

These pets may need special assistance to account for their handicaps, but they are certainly not disabled! For instance, pets that are blind, deaf, or lacking one of their limbs are noticeably stronger in other areas to compensate for their loss. All they need are good owners who will welcome them and love them unconditionally. Is that person you? [Read more…]

Keeping your Dogs Safe

Keeping your dog safePoison Prevention Week: Keeping your Dog Safe

Keeping your dog safe is our goal; our dogs are like our children, they’re always finding ways to get into things that we could have sworn was out of their reach or locked away.  That’s why there’s a national holiday about raising awareness on poisons found in and around our homes that could harm our pets.  It’s called Poison Prevention Week, when all the country’s top veterinarians and pet lovers get together to make sure our pets are safe from potential threats.  Here are a few basic items that you should be aware of: [Read more…]

Love your Pet Day

Love Your Pet DayMark your calendars because February 20th is National Love Your Pet Day.  We get so many holidays to ourselves, our pets deserve some extra loving, too.  This holiday is a great opportunity to make your pet feel pampered and truly loved.  Go out of your way to make them feel special by planning a day’s worth of activities and healthy treats that fill their tummies.  Here’s a few ideas to get you started:

Take Long Walks

Take your time and give your dog or cat a nice outdoor excursion.  Allow them to wander in foreign territories, sniff a few butts, and take you for a nice run.  Of course, keep them on a leash if you don’t have a local dog park to allow them to roam free.  If you’ve never taken your dog to their own park to play around, go out your way to find one and treat them to a day full of outdoor exploration. [Read more…]

Pet Lover Apps

Pet Lover apps 4 Pet Lover Apps You Can’t Live Without!

Now that the app industry has matured and grown into a reliable source of many different services, entertainment enhancers, and quality of life providers, there have been many new opportunities opened up that wasn’t possible years ago. One of those new exciting categories of apps that has increased in interest is the pet-related niche.

There are so many pet lover apps out there that can improve the lives of you and your pet, here are five of the best to try out: [Read more…]

Christmas Tree Safety Tips for your Pet

Christmas Tree Safety TipsOh, Christmas Tree….Oh Christmas Tree…. Christmas Tree Safety Tips and Other Ways to Keep Your Tree Standing!

The Christmas Tree is the Centerpiece of the Christmas Season. With the holidays upon us there will be lots of decorating and holiday themed functions taking place.  One of the many special things that a lot of us do at Christmas is to decorate a tree.  If you have pets however, this can pose a challenge.  Your pets love the Christmas Tree too –just maybe not for the same reasons as you!

Christmas tree safety tips:

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